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01/ DJ Smoke : Put Your Cups Up 
02/ Popped Off Feat T.I.  
03/ Deep Cover Feat Snoop Dogg  
04/ Express Yourself 
05/ Deez Nuuuts Feat Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg 
06/ Lil Ghetto Boy Feat Snoop Dogg 
07/ Housewife Feat Kurupt & Hittman 
08/ Just Dippin Feat Snoop Dogg 
09/ On The Blvd Feat Snoop Dogg & Kokane 
10/ Bad Intentions Feat Knoc Turn’al 
11/ Bitches Ain’t Shit Feat Snoop Dogg & Tha Dogg Pound 
12/ U Better Recognize Feat Sam Sneed 
13/ Ask Yourself A Question Feat Kurupt 
14/ Natural Born Killaz Feat Ice Cube 
15/ Guilty Conscience Feat Eminem 
16/ One Less Bitch 
17/ Big Egos Feat Hittman
18/ Always Into Something Feat MC Ren 
19/ Genocide Feat Kendrick Lamar & Marsha Ambrosius
20/ Puppet Master Feat B-Real 
21/ A Nigga Witta Gun 
22/ 3 Kings Feat Rick Ross 
23/ Encore Feat Eminem 
24/ Money Feat King T
25/ Crack A Bottle Feat Eminem & 50 Cent 
26/ For The Love Of Money Feat Jon Connor & Jill Scott
27/ Forgot About Dre Feat Eminem
28/ The Recipe Feat Kendrick Lamar 

Nuthin’ But A Dre Thang 2 (CD DIGIPACK)

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